SHIRAZ LANE kommen auf Tour und bringen mit „Harder To Breathe“ eine neue Single (VÖ: 11.10.) raus.

11.10.2017 – GER – Berlin, Quasimodo
14.10.2017 – GER – Leipzig, Hellraiser
16.10.2017 – GER – Hamburg, Knust
17.10.2017 – GER – Bochum, Zeche
18.10.2017 – GER – Frankfurt, Nachtleben
25.10.2017 – GER – Cologne, Underground
26.10.2017 – GER – Nürnberg, Hirsch
29.10.2017 – AT – Vienna, Chelsea
30.10.2017 – GER – Munich, Backstage Halle
01.11.2017 – CH – Zürich, Dynamo Werk21
10.03.2018 – GER – „Sleazefest“, Gießen

„Harder To Breathe“ (Single and Video Release 11.10.)
„This song about the anxiety of a choking relationship is one of the first things we started working together when the journey with producer Per Aldeheim was a go. After the first pre-production/songwriting sessions in Stockholm we spent a countless amount of hours at the rehearsal place, tweaking this and the rest of the album towards the shape they eventually ended up in. And it looks like the result will include lots of our best stuff this far. „Harder to Breathe“ is straightforward, high quality rock n‘ roll. Punchy in your face type-of-a-riff and a slightly haunting, catchy melody. This song is only a tip of the iceberg what comes to the rest of the album, but we’re stoked to let you have it. We can only hope you like it as much as we do! Come see us on European Tour with Brother Firetribe and sing this one along!“
– Joel Alex

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