NEWS: Neues Album von SERGEANT STEEL und aktuelle Single

Friday February 24th, 2023 the first video single, taken from the upcoming SERGEANT STEEL album MISTER SIPPI, saw the light of day. PLEASE ME, TEASE ME delivers all of the band’s trademarks and is a perfect start to present the new album! The follow-up to their hit album TRUCK TALES will be released June 30th, 2023!

Austria‘s Hard Rock band #1 has released four studio albums and a best of compilation yet. In the studio the band worked together with musical legends like Michael Wagener, Beau Hill, Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, Mark Slaughter and Kane Roberts. Live-wise they played several top-notch open air festival and club shows throughout Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. They shared the stage with Deep Purple, Hollywood Vampires, The Darkness, Scorpions, Europe, The Sweet, to name a few!

On their fifth studio album you can once again expect a hit firework, spiced up with the band‘s very own sense of humor.

Phil Vanderkill: Lead vocals
Jack Power: Guitars, vocals
Chuck Boom: Guitars, vocals
Ben Bateman: Keyboards
Ronny Roxx: Bass
Cøsy Cøxx: Drums

01 Down To Mississippi
02 Please Me, Tease Me
03 Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
04 Alive
05 My Way
06 Knight‘s Tale
07 One Way Ticket From Hell
08 Caught In The Web
09 My Girl
10 Rock Your Pants Off


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