COMMUNIC präsentieren „Where Echoes Gather“ in Bild und Ton!

Nachdem die Norweger COMMUNIC kürzlich den ersten Teil ihres „Where Echoes Gather“ Titelstücks präsentierten, so folgt nun „Where Echoes Gather Part 2 – The Underground Swine“, das genau da weitermacht, wo Teil 1 wendete.

Das „Where Echoes Gather“ Album erscheint am 27. Oktober.

„When you listen to the album, there will be no gap or pause between the two tracks, as it will flow as one long song”, erklärt COMMUNICs Oddleif Stensland.

Der Sänger/Gitarrist fährt fort:
“The topic of the song was inspired by a visit to an Eastern Europe City some years ago. In this city, a giant of a city, the stressful hectic life, people off to work, blindly following as sheep, while in the underground sewers and pipes there was a communion of orphan children, and youngsters, living in the absence of “street” awareness, sniffing glue to escape from reality. At night they come out, treading the shadows of the streets, looking for the next fix. We fail to lift the head away from our own “problems” neglecting what’s going on around us. With a government and media system that also fails to fix the problem, more interested in social likes or in telling the truth!. So this is where I got the inspiration to this song. Some of these children where in the same age as my own children, who I as a parent want to grow up in a safe home environment with friends and family who cares, made me even closer to the brutality, and made me see the harsh reality of life with different eyes.”

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